Frequently Asked Questions

App availability

Is the Mediately Register Zdravil app free?

Which smartphones are supported?

Can I use the application offline?

Will the Mediately Register Zdravil app be available on Huawei App Gallery?

In which countries are Mediately apps available?

Will the Mediately Register Zdravil app be available in other EU countries?

Creating an account

How do I register?

What are the username/password requirements?

Why do I need to register?

Why can’t I register with my Google, Facebook or Apple account?

Password reset

I forgot my password, what do I do

I want to change my password, how can I do it?

Medical specialty settings

Why should I choose my specialty?

Why can’t I find my specialty in the list of options?

How do I change my specialty?

Medicines database

Is the information about medicines in the app reliable?

Can I order pharmaceuticals in the Mediately Register zdravil app?

Can I get medical advice in the Mediately Register Zdravil app?

Will you include veterinary medicines in the database in the future?

I can’t find a medicine in the app or a piece of medicine information is wrong, what do I do?

How can I make my list of favorite medicines?

Mediately tools

I am unsure who the tool is intended for and for what purpose I should use it.

Are clinical tools safe to use?

I am missing a clinical tool that I use a lot in the app.

CME information

How do I access/apply for a CME course?

Will Mediately Register Zdravil send me my CME certificates?

Technical questions

What version of the application am I using?

Does the app update by itself?

I am having an issue with theMediately Register Zdravil app which is not mentioned here.

Do you have a new feature suggestion for us??

We are always keen on hearing feedback from our user base. You can email us any time at to suggest improvements. We read every email.

Drugs app phone

Use Mediately app

Get drug information faster.

Scan with phone camera.

Over 36k ratings

Use Mediately app

Get drug information faster.


Over 36k ratings

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